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Good idea, mediocre execution.

While it's a neat update of two common types of speed puzzle games, it's far from perfect. The issue is on the left side, the edges are most likely to fill up if youre doing well, but then only those edges will appear on the other side, meaning theres no way to turn them into matches. I think it might have been better just to have two seperate games where you have to keep both of them from reaching the top.

Pretty damn awesome.

Definitely the best online Mario game I've played. Not totally seamless, but pretty damn awesome. I did encounter a major glitch early on, where when you're fighting King Bob-omb, if he grabs you while you hit him with one of his bombs, you disappear and can't do anything. While it's not perfect, it's definitely worth playing.


Just a cheap knockoff of indestructotank, that doesn't look as good, play as well, or is as enjoyable.


It's been done. While it looks nice, it needs a bit of spice, like powerups, and it's frustrating how a wave of circles can take up the entire window and become unavoidable.

Very cool.

A very original twist on a genre (topdown shooters) where most stuff has been done already. The art style reminds me of the original Geometry Wars. It's fun because it takes a fair amount of skill while not being too difficult.

moogoat responds:

Thanks for the review :D

It's alright.

Fun for the amount of time it takes to play. The music was a bit annoying, the gameplay was simple, and the levels could have been made more interesting than blocks of solid color.

Very original.

A very cool, albeit simple, game. Could look a bit nicer, and definitely needs some music.


Pretty basic by the high standards set on Newgrounds. Nice graphics, and well executed, although the limited amount that you can see while just walking around is somewhat frustrating.

mofongo9 responds:

Thanks, and I disagree but thanks for the feedback

Not intricate enough.

Point and click adventures are supposed to be difficult to figure out what to do to advance, such as a plank hidden amongst some trash in the corner, not a rope hanging from the ceiling right in front of you. I think it would be better as an action puzzler where you use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to do stuff. Music would be nice, and it would be much less frustrating if you could retry at the level you died on.


Instead if having the paddle dissappear when it goes offscreen, it should just not be able to leave the screen. Also, the ball sometimes passes through the paddle, and there should be a way to turn off the music.

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