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A nice, simple animation. But what does this have to do with "Of Mice and Men" (because that's obviously where you got the names)?

Nice job.

I love all the weebl and bobs, so that's not saying much, but thats okay. I liked the walkie talkie.

Not bad!

I like the portal reference. The deaths were pretty funny too.

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Good idea, mediocre execution.

While it's a neat update of two common types of speed puzzle games, it's far from perfect. The issue is on the left side, the edges are most likely to fill up if youre doing well, but then only those edges will appear on the other side, meaning theres no way to turn them into matches. I think it might have been better just to have two seperate games where you have to keep both of them from reaching the top.

Pretty damn awesome.

Definitely the best online Mario game I've played. Not totally seamless, but pretty damn awesome. I did encounter a major glitch early on, where when you're fighting King Bob-omb, if he grabs you while you hit him with one of his bombs, you disappear and can't do anything. While it's not perfect, it's definitely worth playing.


Just a cheap knockoff of indestructotank, that doesn't look as good, play as well, or is as enjoyable.

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Simply Awesome.

This piece is definitely one of the more relaxing songs I've heard on Newgrounds, and since I consider that to be an important aspect of an ambient song, you get 10 stars from me. I was listening to it the other night, and I let it repeat four or five times, and it was so hard to stay awake :P

midimachine responds:

Thanks! Glad you thought it was relaxing and not boring ;)

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Very pretty, but...

The drawing is really beautiful, and the mood it creates is definitely in line with where the story seems to be going, but the lack of well-structured language kind of ruined it for me. Exquisite art demands an expansive vocabulary to accompany it.

Pretty darn awesome.

I would have had the elevator headed to the 13th floor though.

AlmightyHans responds:

or maybe to... the twilight zone.

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